About Us

The Ufit Academy of Fitness Sciences is a govt. approved institution in Delhi, India, founded in 2012. We are the country’ s top educational institution in Fitness Education for people interested in jobs in the fitness industry. We are dedicated to assisting people who wish to pursue professions in the fitness industry to achieve professional success in this field. The academy’ s courses are founded on years of scientific research and are subjected to the highest industry standards to maintain their credibility. When it comes to learning, immersion is essential, and the Ufit Academy of Fitness Sciences provides just that experience. In India, every educational institution has AV-equipped classrooms for theory and a fully equipped laboratory (Gym Floor) for practical instruction, both supplied by the infrastructure.



Certified Students










Our Mission

Aspiring fitness professionals should have access to world-class instructors and infrastructure to assist them in learning the practical application of scientific theory in gyms all over the world, rather than simply the theory, as they go through their careers. Get rid of the misconceptions and misunderstandings in the fitness business, and replace OPINIONS with FACTS. Outstanding educational programs that improve students ’ “Quality of Life ” and the communities in which they work should be provided.

Our Vision

To be a global leader in the field of fitness sciences and an educational powerhouse. You are the most wellrecognized and well accredited college of vocational training in the fitness sector. You achieve the gold standard for scientifically proven information by setting the bar high and offering the most current, accurate information. Information regarding fitness sciences based on reality Our mission is to be the most dependable supplier of trained, certified fitness experts for the expanding fitness industry’s increasing human resource needs
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